Anonymous: Ok thank you. I needed to hear that. :)

No problem :)

Anonymous: Am I a bad person for masturbating to the leaked celeb photos? I feel bad for all of those women that this happened to. But at the same time, I don't think the reaction to the pictures has been one of slut-shaming. The two most prevalent reactions around the internet are either horny people saying they love the pics, or people expressing their condolences. Obviously that doesn't make up for the fact that privacy was violated, but does me masturbating to them mean I'm going to hell?

well I guess yes or no, but if you understand why it’s bad (that they were leaked) then I guess I would say no? 

you’re not going to hell dear, you could do 100 x worse.


I’m aching for someone to wrap their hand around my throat, to growl orders at me, to tell me my cunt belongs to them.